IBJJF Pan Ams Preview and Watch Guide

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It’s the season of the IBJJF majors! Over the last year and a half the momentum has shifted from spring and summer, to fall and winter as the apex of the competition season. Below is a list of Atos HQ athletes to keep an eye on, and a watch list for the competitors representing Atos HQ.


Twelve black belts will be making their way to Florida to representing Atos HQ.

Andy Murasaki made his black belt debut at a the profession EUG invitational back in April, and has competed a few times since receiving his black belt in December last year. However, this will be his first IBJJF tournament since achieving the rank and winning double gold as a brown belt at Pan Ams last year. He will have 5 matches to gold in the Lightweight division.

Ronaldo Junior and Jonnatas Gracie take on the 25-man middleweight division. Coming in as the first and second seeds in the division, respectively, they’re set up for a strong campaign to the top of the podium.

Multiple time Pan and World champion, Luiza Monteiro, enters the middleweight division as the number one seed. She’s contending in the largest women’s black belt division of the tournament.


All times included below are in Eastern Standard Time.

BLACK / Adult / Male / FeatherJoão Pedro Bueno MendesSaturday / Mat 5 / 1:49pm
BLACK / Adult / Male / LightAndy Tomas Murasaki PereiraSaturday / Mat 1 / 2:10pm
BLACK / Adult / Male / MiddleRonaldo Pereira de Souza JúniorSaturday / Mat 3 / 3:28pm
BLACK / Adult / Male / MiddleJonnatas Gracie Araujo da SilvaSaturday / Mat 4 / 3:04pm
BLACK / Adult / Male / HeavyGustavo Espindola BatistaSunday / Mat 2 / 12:42pm
BLACK / Adult / Male / HeavyRafael Vasconcelos de LimaSaturday / Mat 4 / 4:04pm
BLACK / Adult / Female / FeatherGabrielle McComb LimaSaturday / Mat 5  / 2:46pm
BLACK / Adult / Female / LightNicole C. SullivanSaturday / Mat 5 / 3:10pm
BLACK / Adult / Female / MiddleLuiza Monteiro Moura da CostaSaturday / Mat 6 / 4:29pm
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / FeatherThiago da Rocha Gomes CalixtoThursday / Mat 1 / 10:26am
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Medium-HeavyJuan Cleber Pio de SouzaThursday / Mat 5 / 11:30am
BLACK / Master 3 / Male / HeavyTalal Sulaiman AlrasheedFriday / Mat 2 / 11:15am


Atos brown belts have been making waves in the IBJJF tournaments this year. Flograppling has indicated number 2 ranked rooster weight Osa Alimarwai, top 10 pound-for-pound ranked brown belt Javier Zaruski, and 2020 purple belt Pan Champion Jhenifer Aquino as favorites for taking their divisions.


All times included below are in Eastern Standard Time.

BROWN / Adult / Male / RoosterOsamah Ali Ali AlmarwaiThursday / Mat 7 / 12:18pm
BROWN / Adult / Male / LightAndré Marcelo Gamarra Sicuro ValleThursday / Mat 10 / 9:30am
BROWN / Adult / Male / LightDaniel Sathler CamposThursday / Mat 11 / 9:50am
BROWN / Adult / Male / Super-HeavyJavier Zaruski SaulThursday / Mat 8 / 1:08pm
BROWN / Adult / Male / Ultra-HeavyMatheus de Menezes Ferreira MarelyThursday / Mat 11 / 11:10pm
BROWN / Adult / Female /RoosterJhenifer Aquino GonzagaFriday / Mat 6 / 10:26am
BROWN / Adult / Female / FeatherElizabeth Joy LieraFriday / Mat 10 / 9:56am
BROWN / Master 1 / Male / LightJuliederson Gomes RodriguesSunday / Mat 12 / 12:21pm

Stand Out Colored Belts and Watch Guide

Two-thirds of the athletes representing Atos at Pan Ams are brown and black belts. Joining them are 10 athletes white to purple belt, juvenile to masters.

Stand out juvenile blue belt, Tanino Kauan, competes like a black belt at just 17 years old. If you have seen him train or compete you know he’s quiet in the gym, but makes a statement on the mat with his technical and aggressive style. He’s a favorite in the Juvenile 2 heavyweight division.

Purple belt, Chase Namba, looks to repeat his gold medal performance from Pans last year at his new purple belt rank.

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